Rep. TJ Cox Statement on the State of the Union Address

February 6, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman TJ Cox released the following statement following the conclusion of the President’s State of the Union Address:

“The American people deserve an honest conversation about immigration, about the skyrocketing costs of healthcare and prescription drugs, and about the increasing polarization in our country. More than anything, the American people were looking for moral leadership: how to stop unnecessary shutdowns and pay workers their fair wages, and move forward together with an agenda that puts the middle-class first.

“But tonight it was clear that the President and I have different views on how to achieve the change that is needed to improve the lives of working people here in the Central Valley. I will continue to work with members of both parties to push to restore integrity to Washington, finally pass comprehensive immigration reform, and bring middle-class jobs and investment back to the Central Valley. I hope that the President will join me.”